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Get ahead of the competition with our SEO Solutions

Harness the Power of Strategic Keyword Targeting

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We develop & create digital future

Meta Data

Inserting Relevant Meta Data, Including Titles, Descriptions, and Keywords Based Around Keyword Research.
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Link Building

Increasing the Number of Inbound Links to a Webpage with the Goal of Increasing the Search Engine Rankings.


We Create Relevant Blog Posts on Topic and on Trend, That Provide Useful Information to the User. This Helps Improve Your SEO.
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We collect and analyze your data

Data Is King, The More You Have, The Better The Decisions You Can Make

Your Digital Masterpiece Starts Here

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

In the Fast-Paced Digital Landscape, Performance Is the Key Differentiator Between Success and Obscurity.

Keyword Ranking

We Specialise in Propelling Your Keywords to the Top, Ensuring Your Brand Is Visible Where It Matters Most.

Site Health Optimisation

Your Website Is the Heartbeat of Your Online Presence, and Its Health Directly Impacts Your Brand’s Success.


In the Fast-Paced Digital Landscape, Performance Is the Key Differentiator Between Success and Obscurity.

Technical Audit

Our Expert Team Will Assess Everything from Site Speed and Mobile Responsiveness and more.

Competitive Analysis

We Decode Your Competitors’ Strategies, Uncover Their Strengths, and Exploit Their Weaknesses.

Monthly Updates

Our Monthly SEO Updates Ensure Your Strategy Is Always Optimised for the Latest Trends and Algorithms

Frequently asked Questions

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results
SEO is very important if your website is a tool to generate business, whether that be selling services or products. It cannot be ignored. The SEO team here at MadeByShape have extensive experience managing SEO campaigns for businesses looking to compete in highly competitive eCommerce spaces or smaller businesses seeking local customers.
Unfortunately, we don’t have set SEO prices. Every brief we work on has different requirements which alters the spec of the job. So, once we’ve received the brief – we can give you an indication of the cost and timescale.
We are a digital agency who understand SEO from all angles, we are a team of SEO experts that can help you improve google rankings. Whether that be Technical SEO, Link Building, Content Creation or Digital PR. Your SEO campaign will have a bespoke strategy based upon research.
Immediate changes can be made to technical SEO which can be picked up pretty quickly in search engines. We advise a consistent SEO strategy over a long period of time which will be more beneficial long term. And the more money you spend, the better the results will be.
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We make top creative solutions for modern brands